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Morning All - Day 26

Good Morning all

Thought I'd check in and see how we are all doing.

I'm on day 26 today and I feel like I have had the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders over the last few days.

For the last week or so I have been one miserable grumpy snappy pain in the back side. I am hoping that's me through the other side as even I was getting bored of myself being a moan.

Feeling chipper today though and still hanging in there with the quit.:D

Wishing you all another smoke free day.


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Know the feeling!

Morning Bobros, I am on here getting my morning fix before going to work. Helps to keep my mind of the fact I used to spend this time smoking!! Well done to you for your quit. Am glad you are feeling better now, makes it all worthwhile. I have said to my hubby before when feeling like that "I'm even getting on MY nerves now!" so totally know how you feel LOL. Have a great non-smoking day. G.xx


Hi Bob,

Good going on 26 days, almost 1 month done and dusted.:D

I've been trying to use the quit as an excuse for general grumpiness, but the excuse has been wearing a bit thin recently, hehe. Guess I'll just have to get over it and smile a bit more.:D

Seriously, though, I'm pleased to have got through a few stresses and bad moods without resorting to my old habit of stomping off for a fag! I suppose I've worked out that the cigs didn't help improve things anyway! Obvious, I know, but these things sink in slowly sometimes.

Enjoy your day. Especially so as it's a smoke-free one.


P.S. great pic of you in your profile album - nice hair!!


Hi Bob you have done brilliant on the champix :) I am getting there after my blip a few weeks ago still lots of mind games and I think that is what makes us grumpy to be honest. Hope this is it and you are over the grumps as I know they are a pain.

Hugs :)


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