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Into month 5

Well, just finished the 4th month and now into month 5. I'm feeling much better and don't think about cigs or want one at all. Part of this last month was pretty bad for me, but alot was personnel not cigs. Hope everyone is doing well. I don't post much, as this is the only time I think about smoking. Hopefully I can start posting and helping newbees again soon. Just want to see how I do without forum for awhile. Keep going and NOT ONE PUFF!!!!

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Well done Jody - you certainly seem to have got this quit sorted! Take it from me that one puff is certainly NOT worth it. I tried one drag in a very drunken state - I hated it (thank goodness!) but I feel so stupid for being tempted.

You are truly a non-smoker now, but don't ever get complacent, that nico-demon is waiting to get you when you are vunerable.

I'm sure you will be fine without the support of the forum but please don't be a stranger!

Take care!

Nicki x


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