No Smoking Day
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hi to you all

now on day 6, morning started off will, cleaned the house top to bottom and did all the washing....but now have picked my little boy up from playgroup has in is playing in another room i have just made a cupper and all i keep thinking about is a fag i am so glad there are none in the house or i might have had one, it makes me so mad what a hold it has over you,..hope tomorrow will be better....will keep you posted:mad:

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Hi Debbie,

Well done on getting through Day 6, almost a week which is brilliant. Keep strong and you will get through the craves and gradually they will come less often and be less dominating. Keep thinking positive thoughts.



You have done really well, know what you mean about how they had a hold of us it gets me mad too and that is what seems to be helping me this time. Soon be a week for you ;)


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