day 10 cold turkey

just joined site, didnt know there was such a thing. quit 10 days ago, smoked 20 plus a day for 26 years, no serious attempts before but decided enough is enough. decided to go cold turkey, not replacing with gum ,sweets etc, maybe a bit more coffee than usual. looked on net to see what support there was out there and found this, brilliant, helping so much:)

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  • Hi jacqueline m,

    Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking and welcome to this forum. There are a lot of good people here who are always willing to help either with information or just good wishes, I have a couple of links in my signature you might find useful again well done and good luck.


  • Hi Jacqueline

    :) Welcome and well done on 10 days that's brilliant. Reading about the addiction of nicotine is a good way to help stay stopped, helps us to understand what we are going through. You will find the links at the bottom of Wayne's signature.

    Good luck


  • Welcome

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Welcome to the forum it will be a big help.

    Like you I have stopped smoking going cold turkey, I've tried other methods this has been the best method for me.

    Like you I found this forum at about 9/10 week mark and it has been helpful and it is like a little family. I would say read as much as you can knowledge is power and it helps you understand your addiction to nicotine. There are 2 helpful websites below they maybe helpful. Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking this forum will be here for you on good days and the bad days.

    Good Luck



  • Hi Jacqueline,

    Welcome to the forum. I also quit cold turkey, and if asked I would recommend it as the best way - however whatever helps anyone quit, be it patches gum inhalor, is fine with me.

    Being over a week into your quit means you have got past some of the toughest bits already, and the nicotine has been out of your system for a few days. Well done, that's a great start. You have every reason to feel good about yourself. Keep strong and keep it going.


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