Day 4 and it's hell

Hi everyone,

This is day 4 for me and the past 3 days have been a breeze, was even out on Frid night and had no worries about not smoking...........but am finding today a reeeeaaaaallllly bad day, nothing I do is taking the craving away, been shopping, cleaned house, changed bed, been on here, ate my way throught the's such a horrible feeling, I also feel sick - like a hangover sick, but I suffered that yesterday, so it's not that, maybe it's because I threw out my emergency fag and I'm panicking, actually feel like going to bed now just to get today over with..........:(:eek::mad:

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  • Hi Kate :D

    I'm sorry you're having a bad day on day 4 just hang in there

    You've been really busy and that hasn't helped with the craves

    Drink water that usually helps for some reason

    If you feel like going to bed to get today over then why not, have a nap and you'll probably feel better afterwards

    Get today over and you'll know you can beat them Nico :eek: Demons


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • hi

    oh poor thing,it's horrible how this gets ya, I'm on day 5 and feeling the same has you, but just hang in there you will have a good day tomorrow:)

  • Hi Debdie,

    Thanks for that,lets hope tomorrow is better, proud that I never caved.came very very close earlier today :eek:

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