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The Dentist

:D Good afternoon all,

I was having a look at the calender and I have an dentist appointment Tuesday, not been for 7 years naughty me but I have a phobia. I noticed a few weeks ago that my teeth have really got white since stopping smoking, I thought pluck up the courage and go to the dentist and get those nasty small and only I can notice brown stains of your teeth. I was so surprised at the difference I have always tried to look after my teeth and I am lucky that they are not in bad shape considering.

That is another pro for not smoking nice white teeth lol x

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Working on my pearly whites

Hi all,

went well at the dentist he told me I'd not been since 2002 I thought gosh 7 years blooming heck. I told him that the hygienist hurt me me so bad, that I got a terrible mouth infection 7 years ago and it had given me a phobia about returning to the dentist. Any way cut a long boring story short.Teeth are not in bad shape, need a good scaling the dentist is doing that yay don't have see the hygienist. I also have no cavities which is good. He also noticed that I'd stopped smoking he said he could tell from my teeth and said it was good, because smoking was starting to affect my gums and hopefully it's been caught in time. So well pleased another good reason to stop smoking getting a nice white smile back.




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