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Why Did I worry About Failing To Stop Smoking!

Hi to all,

It just hit me why did I spend so much time worrying that I would fail at stopping smoking! Because I really wasn't ready to stop I think. I said to my best friend " I'm so scared of failure and everyone will think I'm week willed " She told me in no certain terms that " I was one of the strongest people she knew and that I don't give up easily. As a non smoker I can not know what it feels like to stop she told me, but if it were that easy then no one would be addicted to it " So I think it was then that I stopped worrying about failure and that was only about 6 weeks ago and started thinking of success. So far I have not worried that I will fail, it is a lot better and less stress full. I only thought about this because we were talking about how different I have been in the last 2 weeks and from other attempts. The only thing that seems to be worrying me is my waist line and walking off the pounds, the old me would of gone for the cigg's and made an excuse to smoke like all the other times but not this time I hope. If I should slip off the quest I will dust myself off and start again. I'm more hopeful this time it wont happen I seem more determined and stronger this time round.


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