On Day 5 & Feeling Alive

Morning Everyone,

Im on day 5 and feeling really proud to have got here as normally i cave in at day 4.so hopefully i can sail through day 5 without any trouble.

Im feeling really positive and good ,so think today will be a breeze.

It was so nice to wake this morning without the morning cough and wheeze.

Off now for my morning coffee and toast ..

lots love ali xx

3 Replies

  • Pounding the pavement right behind you heading to Day 4. Keep up the good work and head on into the double then triple digit numbers. Congrats.

  • Hi Ali :D

    Great you're on day 5 well done you

    Glad you feel good as well, hope you enjoyed the coffee and toast

    Hi Timpotte :D

    Day 4 is great you keep right on pounding that pavement behind Ali

    Love and a Hug to both

    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • HI Marg ,

    Toast and coffee was great thanks ,trouble is it tastes so much better now i want more hope you have a good day.

    Hi Timpotte,

    Well done you, keep pounding on the pavement right behind me ,like you say wont be long till we are in double numbers wont that be great then.. keep up the good work big pat on back, stay strong.

    love ali xx

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