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Worse Day

I thought quitting was really being nice to me. Nothing real powerful or painful.

Day 3 has been murder let me tell you.

I started by quitting at 6 pm thus getting through the first withdrawal hours asleep. Good Bad I do not know.

So last night I reached my 48 and then about 10 pm I went to bed. Horrible dreams and just tossing and turning. Cravings from hell. I did not break and they passed. However it was horrible.

This morning I awake and stomach was upset and head a pounding. Maybe from lack of sleep but still had a slight craving. Though again it passed. I did not give into temptation nor the body fighting me back.

For some reason this I think was like my bodies last stand in the fight to get me back to fags. The nicotine army was small and my body gave it all up right there.

So now I am 65 hours in and feeling a little worn from the fight of last night and this morning. Though it was worth the effort.

Thanks For Listening.

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Hi Timpotte :D

By now the nicotine is out of your system well done

The tossing and turning, sleeplessness and bad dreams are I'm afraid all part of quitting but they don't last for long

As for the bad craves you beat them off and that's great as now you know it can be done just hang in there

The way you feel this morning is almost certainly due to not sleeping and you fight last night with the Nico :eek: Demons


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Timpotte

I hope you are feeling a bit better today? I'm afraid that withdrawal is part and parcel of stopping smoking. I don't know if you are on nicotine replacements! they can cause bad dreams. Your body is getting rid off all the other toxin's. I can remember the bad headaches and stomach aches feeling exhausted and to be honest bl**dy awful. It will pass it takes the body time to adjust it will be worth it though.

Well done so far and I hope this forum helps you to stop smoking for good, read as much as you can knowledge is power.



Keep it up, pal. I'm also fighting against day 3... but taking nico gum. Haven't had bad dreams these two days, but felt like I needed to chew a gum for about 15 minutes before going to bed. I usually eat 5 to 6 2mg gums a day, so that's very little I guess... And I guess that's why I have this ENORMOUS temptation of buying cigs and smoking them all right now.

Anyway. I still feel like I can beat this...


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