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10 an 1/2 weeks and struggling

Wow I am horrible, miserable and not a happy bunny any more, what's happened to me, i used to be so bright and happy and i cannot believe the change in me.

I'm now 73 days without a cigarette and have not had any nic gum for 2 days and feel like I'm climbing the walls ?? I'v been reading some of the posts for this month and you all seem to be doing great so well done to you , i feel a lapse cld easily occur for me, although i am still feeling determined........maybe i still need the nic gum, but if thats the case is it really any better than smoking ?? I wish everyone else well and hope you all keep going strong and doing well xx

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Hi Dee dee

Sorry to hear you are having a tough time.

Personally, you should do what you feel is best (besides picking up a cig and starting again).

My DH is now on his 2nd quit of the NRT! So he hasnt smoked for 12 weeks but has struggled to get off the NRT, its now been 3 weeks since his last NRT "puff" and is doing well.

Surely going back to the gum and then doing another quit in a week or so is better than stressing yourself and even worse going and grabbing a smoke.

Good Luck and keep talking here and keep reading if its helping.




Hi Dee Dee :)

I'm sorry you're struggling a bit at 10 1/2 weeks

I think this could be because you haven't used the GUM for 2 days and as the nicotine from them will be out of your system after tomorrow I believe this is withdrawal you're suffering from

If you can stick it out until then, things should then improve rapidly

Why not PM B B he used gum i think and probably knows more than I do about it


Marg xxxxxxxx


.maybe i still need the nic gum, but if thats the case is it really any better than smoking ??

Course it is, just about anything is better than smoking. Do you think you could get through the night without it, if you could, a nights sleep may make it a bit better, after all you're nearly three days and the nicotine will soon be gone from your body. I stopped with patches and I've been nicotine free now for only 3/4 weeks, suppose I was lucky, it didn't feel any different to me. I'm sure you'll get through the night ok Dee Dee. David


Hi DeeDee, first well done to you on your quit you are doing fantastic!

You must do whatever you feel is right for you, gum or no gum, but whatever you choose, choose to be smokefree!

stay strong and take care, x



Unless you decide to chew this gum for some time, you will have to go through this very brief time of withdrawal when you stop chewing it anyways...... you've done 2 days.... stick it out a bit longer and you are nicotine free! I hear plenty of people have gotten hooked on the gum.... much better than smoking BUT in a way you're still hooked...... up to you though!!! Everyone is different and you will know what to do :) Take care, dee dee and by the way, we're not all bright and happy all the time (just to make you feel better :))


Hi DeeDee,

I just wanted to let you know I went cold turkey and still struggled about the same time has you. It was horrible but if you can manage without replacements it will get easier. We all have our bad days and it is good that we have this forum to help and support us which is good. Well done for the 10 and half weeks that is so good you will soon be 3 months or a 1/4 of a year as I like to say lol




Hi deedee,

Not a lot I can add to all that's been already said. I think youve done so well getting beyond 10 weeks. And it does sound as though youre having withdrawal symptoms. They will lessen soon. Keep strong.



Hi Dee Dee,

Am only on day 4 and it's been absolute hell on earth today...worst day so far but have got through it by taking minute by minute and then hour by's horrible but anything is better than smoking eh?? so don't give in now - especially after so long. I tell you this my house has never been so clean, even got bad tempered puttin on a clean duvet, all because I wanted to inhale rolled up dried up leaves...eeeeuuuu


I know how you feel

I'm a few days past week ten and i have been hateful for the last 8 days since i came of the patches. I'm using lozengers but only 2 a day. I must admit if your not ready to come of them your just not. Why not try again in a couple of weeks but i really do know how you are feeling so your not alone good luck and don't give in i'm not going to.


Hey Dee Dee

I went CT on day 2 and am glad that I did, however my husband bore the brunt of it. Don't worry, it's normal to feel like killing things and crying and shouting and killing some more things... honest!

It will pass. It took a while for me to get through it, but it is worth it. Just keep reading about the efect of nicotine on the brain and body, it helped me to understand what I was feeling.



Well done Dee Dee, Stay strong, U are doing brilliant.......

Hate to see u go back to day 1 now....

Keep up the good work, it will be worth it.......... Kaz:p


Well done for getting this far! You beat smoking, now you have to beat your addiction to nicotine! Trust me, most of the withdrawals are in your head. They really are! You will feel odd after stopping smoking, odd feelings, but climbing the walls is just you thinking you have a problem. Sit down and realize to yourself, that nicotine is a very powerful, however very mild drug. If nicotine was taken out of your fags, you seriously wouldn't notice! Keep calm and say the following to yourself.

' You were never born a smoker, so why are you now, if you can't quit right now, you will be a smoker for life! You can do it! '



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