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48th Hour Reached

Well does not seem like much when I say 2 days however 48 hours sounds bigger, I made it this far. How good does it feel. Awesome. Years of attempts and failures.

The first day was horrible. Cravings and having to fight every second.

Second Day was bad but manageable. Had Cravings yet I thought it was habit more then desire.

So what will day three have in mind. Well bring it on as this is a fight I am ready to tackle.

Thanks For Listening.

Cold Turkey for 48 hours

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Hi, Good for you. Keep it up your doing great. I am on day 8 today & this is the best day yet feeling wise. Felt a little growly earlier but got over it quickly!!! Just imagine all those chemicals & nicotine slowly being removed from your body & your pocket growing heavier day by day LOL


Hi Timpotte :D

Well done on the first 48 hours that's great

24 hours more and the nicotine will be out of your system for good

Keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks for the kind words. Will keep up the fight.


48 hours is great Timpotte.... soon you'll be talking days, weeks, months....... the first few days crawl by ever so slow, don't they :) Everything will fall back into place.... just focus and keep moving forward! Keep that positive fighter attitude :D Good luck you!!


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