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WOW got to day 4 !!

Hi ya,

Feeling really good this morning and so pleased to get to day 4 .

Not had many craves been quite easy this time ,not sure why but must say it has been a breeze. perhaps its practice makes perfect. i do hope so.

Thankyou for all support received dont think i would get this far if this forum was not around.been reading different posts and keeping an open mind on things.all the best to everyone else on there quit. fingers crossed i have more good days than bad....

lots love ali xx

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Brillant news!! There's nothing like getting those numbers higher on your quit days. I'm just hitting 3 months and so far, so good, but it ain't been an easy ride. There have been ups and downs, and still are, but keep that head high and feel proud of how far you have come already! KEEP AT IT!!! Day 5, 6, 7 and beyond are not so far away....:D


Thanks kaz

well done you too, can not wait to get to where you are 3 months wow. i am prepared for bad days to come. lets just hope i have more good days.

You just have to lose your desire to smoke then i think its not such a struggle. thanks ali x


Hi Ali :D

Great going on day 4 well done you

I'm so pleased you're finding it easier this time, as you say practice makes perfect so now you're well away onwards and upwards, you're over half way through the first week so Keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Big Thanks Marg

When you put it like that it sounds better,over half way through the first week.

love ali xx


Hi Ali,

You sound upbeat and positive on day 4, that's great.:D So good to get those first 3 days out of the way.

Perhaps it feels easier because you are determined about what you are doing. And you know it's the right time.

Enjoy your smoke-free weekend. Keep strong.



Hi deke,

Thanks yes feeling more positive on this quit, have had some craves this afternoon but nothing i could not hoping they stay that way.

Ive come to the conclusion that its all in the mind ,well in my case it seems that way. i think once your mind is set, its plain sailing but its learning to keep it set in place. and to carry on and build up some strength day by day ready for some big craves.hoping to keep strong.

lots love ali xx


Hi Ali you sound a lot like me in my quit this time, it feels different think having to go back to day one actually helped it was something had to go through in order to quit for good :)


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