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Yeah....Week 2 !!


Hi All. This is my first day of week 2 & feeling quite proud of myself! For so long I have planned my quit date, woken in the morning in a panic (no Fags) & caved in immediately. My other trick was to pinch a couple of ciggies from my hubby so I had those for what was undoubtably my worst time of the day. That would lead to me either buying ciggies on the way to work or pinching some more when I got home. Hardly what you would call quiting hey! I have truly not been too bad this last week. I do not know what is different this time, maybe just the urge to do it is so strong this time. Maybe for once I picked 'The right time' LOL. I do know that my beathing is easier, I can walk upstairs now without having to stop at the top & catch my breath. I do not smell anymore (Well, I hope not anyway!) My cough is better, even managed two nights sleep without being constantly woken up to cough as it feels like my chest is drowning (I have COPD). I am also £40 better off or would be if I was not broke (It's near payday ;) ) Have a great weekend evryone & stay strong :)

Love G. xxxxxxxxxx

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Hi G :D

Well done you on entering that 2nd week

Already you're feeling the benfits of quitting long may it continue

I think everyone has a right time to quit I had tried so many times before this one as well

You have every right to be proud of yourself Keep it going

Love and a Hug

Marg xxxxxxxxx

and the award goes to.....(drum roll)

...YOU! Well done you! The only person you have to thank is yourself and rightly so. You go out and enjoy yourself and before you know's week 3!!! Woop Woop! :D

Thanks Kaz & Marge. Roll on payday then I can treat myself to something nice :D xxxxxxx

Well done sending big hugs your way :)

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Neverstoptrying,

Really well done getting into your second week. It's certainly something to feel good about. Have a good (smoke-free) week-end.


Well done you, you have had a whole week free. Sounds like not smoking is definitely helping your health and I am delighted for you. Look forward to seeing your posts in the future.


End of Day 10 & All is well

Evening everyone! Many thanks to all those who replied to my weekend thread. Have been reading since then & keeping an eye on you all LOL. Am still feeling really good & positive I am glad to say. Had a really good day Saturday but felt distinctly 'growly' for most of Sunday. Didn't sleep a wink last night either. Rather hoped I'd got over that but maybe too soon yet. Work was a bit of a struggle this afternoon but hey, I survived. I can't beleive how strong & positive I am feeling this time. I think that the shock of my lung function test really brought home to me how ill I will become & quickly if I don't stop NOW. I would say to all those thinking of quitting do it now, don't leave it till your health is on the line or worse. As I read tonight we have no way of knowing which cigarette in which pack could be THE one to trigger a serious illness or worse. On that cheery note...........Be strong, you WILL be a non-smoker.

G. xxx :D

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi G,

Glad you had a (mostly) good weekend, despite the "growly" bits on Sunday.

10 days done and dusted for you now - excellent stuff.:D Before long and you'll be counting in multiples of weeks rather than days.

Keep strong and have a good day.


Feeling quite pleased with myself

Hi deke, Thanks for that. Been to the docs today & had my CO2 tested. Gone from a 4.2 off the scale heavy smoker to a 0.16 bottom of the scale n0n-smoker. Worth it all to see that ;) G. xx

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