1/4 of a year!

Hi guy's,

I will be joining you on Sunday and as my good friend Marie said it will be a 1/4 of a year since I stopped smoking yay :). I like the term 1/4 of a year it sounds good me thinks! I am just now starting to feeling good after stopping smoking. I tell you I have never felt so ill and at times thought "is it worth it" I can honestly say "YES it is" last couple of weeks have been fab only had the odd craving and now have learnt they only last a little while and they will go :).

:cool: I hope this feeling will last. I know that I will have bad moments I do but I am more able to cope with them more now :) and I think more rationally and it is no bad thing I would be more worried if I didn't have the bad moments. I wish everyone on this forum more good times and less bad times *hug* x

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  • Hi Dolly :D

    Congratulations for Sunday when you hit your 3 months quit Well done


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • I made it

    Hi all,

    Well I have made it to 3 months and I'm chuffed yesterday was a bit of a bad day. I kept getting the urge to smoke for some reason more than usual main thing is I didn't give in. I hope that every one is coping and mainly getting where you have more good days than bad.

    I bumped into an old friend yesterday she offered me a fag, It felt good to say " I don't smoke any more " and it was difficult because I wanted to take the damn thing another reason to be chuffed with myself because I didn't take it.

    I think that was when I thought well done you make made the right decision.I knew that if I had given in to the urge I would of regretted it so much. I have decided that I am even more determined not to ever to think I'm over it I have and will take each hour of the day as it comes. So far the hours that have gone by so far have been good ones.

    Good luck to all with your quests.


  • Hi Dolly :D

    Well done you for not giving in to that urge yesterday


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg,

    Thanks I would of been totally gutted if I did, I have to remember that sometimes the urge comes to bite you on the bum when you lest expect it. Well done on your 6 months.



  • Hi Dolly,

    Glad to hear you sound so sure of your quit, 3 months is quite an achievement well done:)


  • Congratulations Dolly for today!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done you *lets off a party popper* !!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Congrates Dolly 3 months is wonderful cant wait to be at that point :)

  • :)Thanks to all for the congratulations





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