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No Smoking Day
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Odd day

Felt totally different today and not sure whether to be worried or not. Took Mum to see the nurse this morning and had a really bad time and she has to go and see the dr in the morning as nurse if very worried. For the first time I told someone (the nurse) about my brother how he crawls around and wont accept help from any outsider and I didnt shed a tear, I got Mum home got her calmed down tried to talk some sense into my bro and I was calm and I felt strength in my voice. Did Mums shopping and got home 7hrs after setting off sat down had a coffee realised I hadnt eaten all day and only had one drink, and realised cigs had not crossed my mind all day even though I had been stressed. I went out this evening with my friend who has never smoked had a lovely meal and only one alcoholic drink had tonic water after and not once did I feel like a cig. I got home shattered and know it will be an early morning and I feel fine. So why am I worried I feel too calm not like me at all scared everything is going to go bang.

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You shouldn't be worried!! Your body used to crave nicotine, always on edge and ready for the next one.... Now your body is relaxed and it's not craving them fags any longer.... plus you're busy with so much..... don't try to interpret the situation, just be glad you don't have to feed an addiction on top of all your stress!!! I hope you get some time soon just for you with no stress and responsibilities. You are doing really well, Mel!!


Hi Mel :D

Well done on a day full of stress and you didn't even think about fags

I think you've just had a big break through in the way you see/feel about your quit and I really don't think you need to worry about how you're feeling at the moment,just accept it and be happy about it

I hope that makes sense to you Big Hug


Marg xxxxxxx


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