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day 2 for the last time !!

Hi Everyone,

Im now nearly at the end of day 2, had relapse last time so wanted to get through day 1 with out posting. so here we are nearly finished day 2 .

just felt bad as seemed to let people down on each quit, and i really dont want to keep going through this, so i am determined this will be the last quit .

look forward to posting on day 3 yipee !. i so hate myself at times for wasteing half my life on being addicted to this horrible dirty habit. and hate to think what state my lungs are in. but big plans now on getting them nice and clean and exercising my self back to good health.good luck to everyone else on probably the biggest journey of their life. lets face it head on !!.

lots of love

ali x

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Hi Ali :D

It's good to see you back on here again and nearly at the end of day 2 well done just hang in there Ok


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Alison, welcome back, you doing fine now on to your day 2 and soon be day 3, well done and renenber to post on here whenever you need/want to,

take care, and keep smiling,



Big thanks marg & tracy,

Hope your both ok .See you all in day 3 ....

Lots of love ali xx


Didn't realize it was day 2 for you.... well now it's day 3! :) You can do this! The fear of having to do day 1,2,3 etc over again kept me going...... I don't want to do this again either so I have no choice.... have to keep going. Hang in there and it will get easier soon..... and don't feel you let people down - no one on here judges you!! So keep posting :)


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