No Smoking Day
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Just checking in

Hi all,

Haven't really been around for a bit as been snowed under at work, hope everyone is doing great especially any newbies out there and hope my MMQ buddies are staying strong.

Well I'm now on day 46 - I had to check on the calender as i haven't been keeping count! and I can honestly say I'm feeling really well and not suffered any cravings for ages now which is great!:D

I'm off out on Saturday night for my first proper night out since the quit - we'll see if I'm brave enough yet to try a drink! I'll let you know...

I seriously had big plans for all the money I would save by not smoking, in the beginning I was thinking to open a savings account and stick all the ciggie money in there....HA! all I've done is spend it on shoes and clothes, I have now rethought my plan and have decided to have fun with my extra cash for a while and start saving in a few months :)

Anyway, hope everyone is well!


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Well don Lottie

I too think you should have some fun with the money you have saved, no matter what you buy with it it will be better that smoking it.



well done Lottie..I have just had to check my days and i'm on 52 days now :eek: Feeling great though, and yes the cravings are hardly there any more, but not being complacent ;)

Well done Lottie, MMQ's and every other fantastic quitter ;)


Hi Lottie, Hi Slinky,

Well done both of you. The two months mark is only just around the corner. :D

I'm on day 55 and feeling OK. Haven't splashed out on anything much yet, but putting a bit aside for holiday in the summer. A lovely, smoke-free, holiday.:D



Hi Lottie :D

Great to hear from you again and well done on 46 days, and the craves are in the past as well

Glad to hear you're treating yourself as well

Hi Slinky :D

Great going to you as well on 52 days quit and enjoy that holiday in the summer and spending all that extra money

Hi Deke :D

Well done to you as well on day 55 you're doing great

Glad you're all feeling well


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Lottie, Slinky and Deke, Well done to all of you 2 months soon be here and we are still going strong, great to know that the mmqs are all doing ok,

keep smiling, :)



Excellent job all you Mad March Quitters!!! Nice going all of you :D


Its great to see your all still doing so well:D

The fact that I don't even think about smoking as much now is a good sign, where as at the beginning I kept forgetting I had stopped smoking, so kept reaching for my fags (which wasn't there!) after a meal and so on - now I seem to have dropped that habit and I'm alot more relaxed.


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