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No Smoking Day
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9 weeks and counting

hey, its been nine weeks since i gave up smoking and have not looked back since, i have even inspired a few work collegues to give up, i have put on so much weight though, so for the last 2 weeks been on a major health kick and started to feel a lot better with in myself. one thing i noticed is i am still quite spotty which i thought would have gone by now,

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Hi Jodie,

Well done on 9 weeks don't it feel good :)

I am nearly 12 weeks and it feels good had a bad start felt like sh*t for about 9-10wks just felt ill and tiered all the time and had some real bad moods but last couple of weeks feeling like my old self. Yes I have put on weight I've started walking and healthy eating trying to cut out the snacks lol. I do feel better now and a lot more positive and like a friend said to me Doll you have nearly been a non smoker for 1/4 of a year sounds quite :cool: good luck to yo hun and once again congratulations *hug* x x x


Hi Jodie :D

Great 9 whole weeks quit well done you I hope you're proud of yourself Hug

Keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxx


thanks, i have cut out the snacks just need to find time to do some more exercise just so busy all the time, work and buying a house i should be stick thin the amount of stress im going through hehehehe


Well done Jodie and enspiring others that's great.

I too put on weight but really needed too as I was underweight at 6st 4lbs, but have put on nearly 2 stone so I wonder when it will steady up! In the last year and a half I have had 3 different sizes of clothes much more of this and I will be able to open a shop.

Keep up the good work the NHS could do with some good advisors who know what they are talking about!!



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