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The Compliment

Hi Guys,

My husband just told me that is so good to have his wife back :) He said he didn't much like the women that stood in for me for the last few months. He said she was a bit like the weather 1 minute she was hot then cold and on several occasions like a bloody big thunder storm :eek:

I told him I hope she doesn't come back but she may do on the odd day, it was sweet of him to tell me he is noticing that the old me is coming back I enjoyed the compliment. And I know I don't need to smoke to be that person that laughs and is calm and sometimes bloody funny lol. *hug*

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Hi Dolly :D

What a lovely man your hubby is and what a lovely way to say how proud of you he is

Even if you have a thunderstorm or 3 along the way hang on to that


Marg xxxxxx


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