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Cloudy day, sunny mood

Hi guy's, :)

Well it maybe very cloudy outside I'm feeling very sunny inside. It will be 12 weeks on Sunday since I stopped smoking :cool: and I'm only just feeling better and good about myself again. I felt nothing but ill since stopping smoking and depressed, now I'm seeing the light and don't it feel good? Yay it does

I have been horrid to my nearest and dearest they have been brilliant my daughter and husband have been my rock's lol. I have taken up 5 mile walks so that should help to lose the pounds gained walking makes me feel good. I have up until last week felt like sh*t and thought stopping would make me feel better not worse. I had this problem on my last attempt but only for a short while, this time it has been for almost 10 weeks. I think that I'm over the worst now I don't feel so tiered all the time I have more good days now I think forward to achieving another day smoke free and I wish you guys the same *hug*

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Bloody great Dolly, after reading such a positive post, how can anyone start smoking again when they have a not so good day. I must have stopped the day after you, and I should think my quit has been about the same. Keep it up Dolly and keep posting like that (even on bad days). David xx


Hi Dolly :D

12 weeks Sunday that's great well done

It's lovely to hear you feel so well now as I know you had a rough time of it

I'm so pleased you can now look forward and see the lihjt at the end on that tunnel


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Dolly,

Glad things are looking positive even if it has taken a bit longer than you thought it would. It's definitely worth it in the end. And so good that your family are so supportive too. Keep strong.



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