No Smoking Day
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MASSIVE CRAVING going on right now!!!

have got the polos out and definately not tempted to have one but am getting slightly irritated at the strength of the cravings iv been having of late. there i was sat there minding my own business at work and along comes the monster...laughing and nagging in my ear really loudly!!!!

hopefully he will bugger off soon! x

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It will go, it will definitely go.

By the time you get a couple more replies on here you will be feeling much better, I'm sure of it.

A crave nearly got the better of me at the weekend, and in some ways it was more luck than judgement that meant I didn't smoke! But whatever method works, it's better than putting a death stick in your mouth. And I know you know that already, but in the time it's taken you to read this the crave will be sliding away even more.:D

Keep strong.



Hi Id :D

I hope that little monster has gone now if not he soon will keep chewing'sucking the polo's

They really don't hang around for long, if ignored they soon clear off


Marg xxxxxxxx


Is there something in the air do you think? I would say is it summer coming, sunshine and lazy days has always given me cravings,but by the look of the grumpy grey clouds today that would be a lie. I have had a couple of days of wriggling worms in my stomach which don't seem to be calming down. Try and rise above it and be positive, it will go. xxxx


Not for the Newbees to read

Been having the same and I'm almost 4 months quit. My life suddenly really sucks and I seem to be getting grumpy with everyone. Don't like myself at all, but like some in my life even less! Depressed at lot of the time. Hopefully this will pass soon cause I'm really tempted to smoke. Just keep telling myself that smoking will not make things better only worse. Definitely a bad month!


Oooh you can't beat a good ol' moan! I have been feeling quite low too and I would love to blame it on the ciggies BUT I also know that the fact that I've stopped smoking is a really good thing and certainly not something I should be feeling down about!

I feel quite a bit better just reading the posts on here so I think I shall go for a short run - training for the 'race for life' in July!

A bit of exercise is always good when feeling cr a p :D


... just can't leave it alone, can you? ;)

Do y'know - that took me a minute to work out!!

Haha :D:D


I'm sure we will all be feeling better now that the sun is coming out to play....... I walk around sometimes with this 'hole' in my stomach and I imagine myself taking a big drag to fill it :eek: Soooooo stupid! Most of the time I realize I just need to take a few deep breaths and it helps...... exercise is what gets the blues away though...... so start walking! :D


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