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No Smoking Day
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Loosing Weight!

Good Morning Everyone!

Finally I have stopped the circle of stopping smoking, putting on weight, starting smoking arggggh!

I dont know how many days Ive done now but Ive stopped counting in days and started counting months, hopefully one day I will just count the years!

I have put weight on, I knew I would but have learned to love my muffin tops knowing that they wouldnt be there one day. I restarted weight watchers two weeks ago and have lost 5lbs, my first goal there is 9lb so Im getting there.

I have been a complete cow since giving up smoking but I have a very understanding family who give me the strength to stay quit and theres always the excellent support from this forum. I am seeing the light now, the benefits of being a non smoker, me and my muffin tops are loving it!

keep up the good work everyone x

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Hi Sam :D

I'm glad you're feeling the benefits of your quit

And also starting to lose the extra weight that's great and you're now counting in months rather that days and weeks


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Moog,

If you're not aware of the number of day's you have been free, then you have indeed made progress. (I'm still ticking off each day that I complete, and always look forward to the next milestone - but looking forward to being a bit more relaxed about all that soon.)

I haven't joined weight watchers yet - but may have to at the rate I'm going!

Well done you for losing 5 pounds already.:D




Just counted and im 68 days free today! thats pretty cool!:cool:

Glad you are doing ok too x

BB muffin tops are when your fat hangs over your trousers (like the top of a muffin in a cake case! lol)


What's a muffin top? :confused:

Clearly, it's the top part of the muffin!

BB, found this, which should help for future identification purposes...


You need to open your mind to the layout of a good muffin and be prepared to make exceptions to the general muffin rule Mr B.


Far be it from me to be picky, but,

You cannot be serious!:p

But let's not hi-jack Moog's thread any further.


Hi Sam

Lovely to hear your doing so well hun. Also losing 5 pound fab work.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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