DAy 19 I think

Hi Folks

Just thought I would check in to say I'm still hanging in there and now on day 19 of my quit.

I have not posted for a few days as I have been fighting a severe bought of grumpy gitness.

I've been snapping at everything and everyone but I'm glad to report that I think I’m past that stage and back to being a happy little soul for the moment.

Hope everyone has a great smoke free day


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  • Hi Bob you are doing really well, glad you are over the grumps. I seem to be going in waves of grumpyness. :eek:

  • Well done Bob, soon you'll be counting in months!

  • Well done Bob, know about the grumpy bit, I am like that at moment, decided not to use patches from Sunday, cold turkey now, but carry a patch just in case, at this precise moment in time think I may have to put it on, did find out via my OH from the nurse that it takes 20 mins for the patches to kick in (its not something they say on the box) oh well, lets wait and see. Could kick a..e at the moment, going to cook dinner in a little while and have to empty some more boxes as my kitchen is nearly finished now, just the tiling to go, great feeling now its near completetion.

    Stay strong

    xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

  • Hi Bob :D

    19 days quit is great well done you Big Hug on it's way for you

    So you've had a case of grumpy gitnes most of us get a severe bout of that but you're now your usual sunny tempered self again ;) :p


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Bob

    Just read one of your previous posts and noted how positive and happy you usually are what has happened to you? I also saw your pictures of your lorry etc, I think you should put your head out the window of your cab and blow away all those grumpy cobwebs.

    Happy days.


  • Sorry Bob message all wrong mixed you up with another "Scottish Gentleman".


  • Sorry Bob message all wrong mixed you up with another "Scottish Gentleman".


    :D You had me thinking for a while there Jackie.

    I was wondering if I had lost a truck somewhere along the line.

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