So sorry guys

Hi everyone, I feel really rubbish but I've had another lapse/relapse. I'm starting again tomorrow and I'm not going to have one single cig! It was so easy at the beginning of last time and I know it gets so much better after every week smoke free. I'm not going to have one drag! I don't need it. Anyway, I'll post at the end of the day tomorrow. Hopefully I'll do it, one day at a time!!


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  • Hi Steph :D

    I'm so sorry to hear you've slipped but well done for starting again tomorrow

    Forget the past failed quits but not the lessons you learnt from them and look to a smoke free future

    Do some more reading you know it will help you

    As you say not one more puff OK


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Aw thanks Margareth, you're so helpful. I think this time might be it! A lot of my friends/family don't know I've relapsed. i might tell them and they'll understand if I'm a bit grumpy for the first few days! I know its only an excuse, but at uni today, most people I hang out with were outside in the sun on breaks having a cig and I didn't want to stay inside. The next time this happens I'm just going to stay outside as long as I can, and if it gets to be too much go inside. At the minute my priority is not smoking. Last time I quit I actually enjoyed most of the process, reading up on how my lungs were clearing and etc etc... Anyway I'll hopefully be at the end of the first day tomorrow, and it will be my last first day!!! x

  • Good luck, Steph! I think so much is your mind set.... if you go out and watch others smoke in the sun and you get in a way envious then the battle begins and nicodemon is a tough opponent. If you say instead... those poor guys have to feed their addiction over and over and I will finally be free from this never ending cycle, then it is not a big dealing sharing the space outside with smokers..... Marg recommended reading more.... I agree..... it was hard for me NOT to be envious but the more I read the more I convinced myself of the truth.... it's good to be free! So get the right mind set going and you will succeed! :)

  • Hi Steph :D

    I hope today goes well for you

    As you said go out in the sun and if the others smoking starts to really get to you either go back in or else just move away for abit


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Steph,

    I hope you have a good day today. You can get through this if you are determined. Take it hour by hour - minute by minute if you have to. Baby steps are fine, and before long they all add up.:D

    Keep strong


  • Yeah I totally agree Deke. When I stopped last time it didn't bother me at all because I knew that I had made the decision to stop. I feel the same again this time. I know what I'm dealing with now - a nicotine addiction, and I don't want to be addicted to anything. I have got some nicotine gum because I personally feel this might help me in the first few days. My priority at the minute is not having a cigarette and I will stop with the gum but it helps me psychologically knowing its there. I'm looking forward to getting to day 2.

    Steph x

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