Into my 4th month

Hi all

Not been on for a while, was coping quite well.

I went to Devon for the week last week and everyone who quit with me was smoking again! It was so hard not to have one but i didn't! Trouble is instead i ate alot of food!

Now back home i am still craving quite bad so keep eating! How can i stop myself because if i gain too much weight i am going to get really depressed, its already really bothering me :(

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  • Hi Yok :D

    Well done on entering your fourth month, also for staying quit on your holiday when everyone with you was smoking

    Sorry to hear you're still craving now that you're at home just hang in there andthey'll settle down again soon


    Marg xxx

  • Well done on getting through your holiday without smoking. You can surely face any situation now!

    Don't worry about eating a bit more but try to get out for a walk if you're craving - it's better than eating and will suppress the appetite.

    I have entered myself for a 'race for life' event in July to give me an incentive to get out and go for a run rather than pick at food.

  • Thanks guys! Walk it is then tomorrow after work :)

  • Hey stranger! Its been a long time! I assumed you had fallen off the wagon and I am really chuffed to see you havent! Be positive and stay quit, you have done brilliantly! The weight thing will sort itself out, mine is calming down. Try not to worry about it xx

  • Yay hi Fi!!

    Hope you are well?

    You are still going strong then! well done to you :cool:


  • All cool here! Managed not one puff but by god its been hard some days!! Officially, you knock me off the first feb quitters spot with a 2nd feb quit date! Will you stay longer this time, its quite nice!!?? You were one of my first 'friends' when I joined forum, which seems like a gazzilion years ago!! Apart from the hol thing, how has your quit gone??

  • I know it does seem ages ago!

    Quit has gone really good up until about 2 weeks ago, but never ever have a put a fag to my mouth!

    I am really proud of myself, and i will stay around this time, think i need you guys more than i realise! :)


  • Congrats,

    The eating & weight will settle down over time!

  • Congrats,

    The eating & weight will settle down over time!

    Thanks, I hope so because its getting me a little down :(

  • Hey Yok, good to see you back! So you were the only one left to stay quit??!!! Nice going!

    With new experiences (like a vacation) triggers pop up but you managed to stay quit which makes you even more resistant to the craves now! Next visit will be way easier I'm sure! Stay positive and think of how your friends have to run out constantly to feed their addiction and you can just chill and relax! :D

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