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Start of Week 5


Well have done the four weeks, what a relief, now going into week 5 and beyond. Some days have been hard, I decided on Sunday morning not to put a patch on so now have gone 2 days, some cramps but otherwise okay. OH is still on patches, I am carrying a patch with me (today and maybe for a few more days) but am going to try without (I am only carrying patch just in case things get too bad and I certainly do not want to relapse now).

I don't get on here often, so I would just like to thank you all (and you know who you are) for your support when I do post. I may have a little more time this week, although kitchen is well on its way now (that's just to let you know Linda) lots of strife with it last week, but easier now. Stay strong peeps.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx

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Hi Pupalup :D

You're both doing great and starting 5th week well done you

You've gone 2 days without a patch so nicotine will be out of your system tomorrow

Sorry you had some strife with the kitchen


Marg xxxxxxx

Great job getting to week 5! Hardest part is done with.... and good job getting off the patches as well! Take care!!

well done

keep it up !!! your over the worst of it now.

Hi Pupalup

Sorry I missed you yesterday working a lot of overtime so didnt come on the site. Your both doing so well you should be so proud. You may feel a little edgy with no patch but it will only last till the nicotine as gone and your almost there. So pleased things are coming to shape in the kitchen.xxxxxxxxxxxx

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