My last night in week 2

Hi folks,

Sunday night of my second week (with a brief but short-lived slip up :() and I feel ready to join the 3rd week clan. Just finished my QiGong pattern and I feel good inside. I'll probably be up quite late tonight, I'm buzzing! :rolleyes:.

I'm looking forward to a fresh week of non-smoking, roll on tomorrow!

Wow is it me or is it really hot tonight?

I'll be bumping into you two - Lee and Caroline tomorrow, so watch out, I'm a big bloke :p (now I'm eating like there is no tomorrow)<---haha, pure hilarity. :rolleyes:

See you all on the morrow.

Love P. x

2 Replies

  • Hi Paul :D

    You're doing great at the start of your 3rd week well done keep it up


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Paul,

    Good to see you, and into week 3 by now:D. keep strong, keep buzzing!


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