No Smoking Day
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4th day hardest yet!!


I am still not smoking and this is now my fourth day (13 days on champix) I have found today really hard and have had so many cravings and felt really agiatated as well. Rowed with my boyfriend who said I was being aggressive (not like me at all)

Was going to buy some fags but really happy to say I didn't I just came home and slept :o

Hope tomorrow is a better day....annoyed as we went out last night for drinks and it ddn't bother me once so today was a shock...ah well

Well done everybody and thanks for sharing your stories as reading this forum has also helped a lot....:)

Ali xx

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Hi Ali :D

I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday with lots of cravings but you're now nicotine free and this may have been the reason

The Nico :eek: Demons sneaky little B.........ds that they are don't like it one little bit they want their fix, don't give it to them OK

As for the aggresion/anger that you're feeling this is all part of quitting as your body gets used to a diet that doesn't include chemicals

I hope today is much easier for you


Marg xxxxxxx


Hiya! I'm on Champix also and it isn't the miracle cure for sure. It does take some determination alongside it to overcome the feelings you are having. The drug takes the edge off, but if this isn't enough, then have you tried therapies running alongside the taking of it? A lot of people that I have spoken to suggested counselling, as sometimes the cigarette is used as an escape, calming you down in situations you feel beyond your control. Giving up can release and divert your attentions to things in life that have never bothered you previously, and this is where a little help can be beneficial. I am not shy to admit that I am having one-to-one phone therapy sessions on a Monday evening with a spe******t adviser who is teaching me about the different feelings I am having and facing up to them, rather than using other means to block them out. Nothing too serious, just day-to-day things. Albeit cigarettes are legal, they do have a potential, like alcohol does to some, to prevent our way of thinking. I contacted me local NHS who offered smoking cessation and came up with this therapy for me. It's worth a go. I feel a lot better now I have put feelings into perspective and not used the lack of nicotine as an excuse (in my case). GOOD LUCK!!!


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