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I was flicking through the sky channels yesterday and noticed there is so many programmes on wieght etc started watching one as wont be long before I will be over weight if I keep eating like this. Any way it was talking about all the different reasons you eat and how to cut down......and I started wondering how come there arnt programmes on stopping smoking there is so much out there for weight loss but if you were to look for a programme on stopping smoking you would be very lucky. The government is alway on about stopping smoking lots of adverts on TV and Radio yet no programmes on the health channel :confused:

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Hi Mel :D

Glad I'm not the only one to channel hop but I've never seen the weight lose ones, but maybe Virgin don't have them

They don't have any stop smoking ones either,I don't thonk the government want to many to quit really as they get so much tax from them, so they pay lip service to it and that's it


Marg xxxxxxx


Most people are unaware that there is more to say about quitting smoking than just stop, so I guess that programme makers find it easy to churn out stuff dealing with changing diet, healthy recipes, exercise etc. After all we cant all just stop eating. Also there are a lot more people concerned about their weight than smokers out there!

However, it would be possible to do a series covering, the various Meds and NRT's, Electronic Cigs, alternative approaches such as hypnotherapy and acupuncture, ides on how to deal with cravings, identifying triggers and of course education about how nicotine addiction actually works. Along with inspirational success stories and how people have dealt with adversity during their quit. The more you think about it the more diverse a series could be!

Any budding TV producers out there take note, it would be nice to see some better quality info out there and quitting smoking has a much greater effect on health than being over weight.


Fair points, and as you say, we have to carry on eating, but once quit smoking then that's it - hopefully.!

PMT ..... Positive Mental Thoughts

So the post should read:

"Fair points, and as you say, we have to carry on eating, but once quit smoking then that's it.!":D


Not being picky :D

Just like to keep it positive :D


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