So far so good

Got up this morning felt rough, but had a coffee and started cutting the grass, got Marks mucky work clothes washed and on the line and had a shower. Mark says he has now got Man Flu and that is it worse than Swine Flu but he has been really good today and helped with Sunday dinner while I went to check on Mum. I am sat here with a full belly and Mark is watching Man U so think I will go wash the pots and take our Stan for a run.

Two days, 4 hours, 0 minutes and 32 seconds. 65 cigarettes not smoked, saving £13.97. Life saved: 5 hours, 25 minutes.

3 Replies

  • Well done Mel Hun

    Your doing fab quitting and a man with flu Hard work HEHE. Have a nice walk with Stan.xxxxxxxx

  • Go on girl!! Am routing for you!! xx

  • Hi Mel :D

    Sorry you felt rough this morning, hope you feel a bit better now though

    Also Mark and his man flu, they can be a royal pain I know, but at least he helped with lunch while you checked on your Mum

    Hang in there Mel you can do this


    Marg xxxxxxx

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