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Good Week

:D I'm so proud of myself. I have had a really good week hardly any craving's and the cravings I did have only lasted seconds. It will be 11 weeks tomorrow so I'm feeling good about things at the moment, I know I may feel different tomorrow still taking 1 day at a time :). I have stopped eating instead of smoking and I do a lot of walking, it makes me feel good and is helping shed the pounds that I have gained since stopping smoking. I hope your week has gone well and the day's and weeks to come go well for all of you :D

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Hi Dolly,

You have a lot to be proud of 11 weeks is brilliant I cant wait to get there myself, Congratulations and well done:)



Hi Dolly :D

WOW 11 weeks that's great well done you

You have every right to be proud of yourself keep going


Marg xxxxxxx


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