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Hi Again

Hi All,

i think this is probably about the 3rd time i have tried to quit this year. Im into my 6th day of this quit and im feeling confident but a bit disapointed from my last attemps. BUt im going to post up here every time i feel the urge and need some encouragement.

Anyway all the best to all of you and wish me luck on my 6th attempt but i got to beat this feel so much better and healthier but just keeps calling me to have a ciggie, but have to beat it.


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Hi Freeatlast :D

Welcome back to the forum

Almost a week quit already that's great well done you

Forget past failures, but not the lessons you learnt from them

Look forward to a SMOKE FREE future OK

Oh and do some reading in fact lots of it, you know it will help you

Post often for whatever reason, we're all here to help and support you for as long as you need us


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Freeatlast

Well done on quitting - you should feel proud and not dwell on past attempts..I am finding this forum great for when I get a craving...reading others success is inspiring

Ali xx


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