Can I come in? 2nd monthaversary

hello all,

Ive now been quit for since March 7th, wow 2 whole months!!

I have to say Im still short tempered and narky, I hate the smell of smoke but still love the thought of smoking. I wouldn't have one though as I am not prepared to go through giving up again. I can handle the thoughts of wanting to smoke now and understand where I have slipped up before.

I ve started loosing weight and have lost 4lb so far so that going ok

I hope everyone else is doing ok, sorry I cant get on as much as I used to but still think of everyone xxxxxxxxxxxx:D

thanks for all your support :D

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  • well done on your 2nd moogiversary! I am most proud to see you up here. I recall one of your first post quit purchases which was some bag from boots or something! Am loving seeing you all come through! xxxx

  • Hi Moog,

    Really good to hear from you and that you are doing so well. And losing weight too - wish I could say the same myself!:o

    But surely you should be posting this thread in "Month 3" seeing as you have completed two months?

    Wherever you post, suffice to say congratulations are in order.:D


  • Hi Sam :D

    Well done you Congratulations


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Moog, fantastic, 2 months now smokefree, how time flies!

    Keep smiling,


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