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Sorry guys

I had half a cig this morning, it didnt help and I am back to day one. I bought 10 cigs had half a cig and put the rest under the tap.

I want to start back at day one as I dont feel I have got myself sorted as I lit a cig so. I have started a journal and will write in that every day as Tracy said. It might read as a load of rubbish to everyone but to me it will make sense. I have put in it how I felt when I had that half and it wasnt good I have reset my quit counter and will start again a new me.

1 hour, 22 minutes and 1 second. 1 cigarette not smoked, saving £0.31. Life saved: 5 minutes.

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Don't be sorry. Remember, this is what the forum is all about. No one will knock you for slipping up and at least the 9 and 1/2 smokes have been washed away. I have full respect for anyone who can smoke half and chuck the rest away. I would be back up to 20 in a day or so! You have been through a stressful time I know, though the smokes won't make it any better. xxxx


Ah Mel you blipped, but you are up and off again with your knowledge to help you. That post of Stuart's on this page may be a help and some reading from the links.

Good luck I am sure you will do it.



Well I too would place myself back at day 1, as I have a harsh attitude towards myself and it seems to be working :) but each to their own, many people would not agree. At the end of the day its your quit and your decision.

You are so right that it did not help and major kudos for chucking the rest, I'm sure many or most would have smoked them. Good luck on your revisited day 1 and I'm sure that with the resolve you are now showing this will be the last time here!

All the best



Hi Mel,

Better to be back on Day 1 than to not be back at all. I don't think I could have done what you did, smoke half and then bin the rest - I think I would have smoked all 10 and then gone back to Day 1:o. And I have been tempted too. So the only way I'm going to do this is by having none at all - not one puff.

So, well done you for stopping when you did. Learn from your slip and you'll be better equipped to succeed this time. Keep strong.



Hi Mel :D

I am so sorry to read this, but well done only smoking ahlf and drowning the rest

I hope your journal will help

Well done for starting your new quit right away


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Mel, so sorry you had a tough time this morning, but after having just half and then getting rid of all the rest is proof you are strong.

No one ever has an attempt at quitting without learning from that experience, this will equipt us for our successful quit, this one is your succesful quit! You can do it Mel!

take care, x

tracy21 x


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