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Hell of a week

Not sure what is wrong with me had a very weepy week. Today I woke up fine put some washing in, took dog for a walk had shower.......then peggin washing out and there were tears running down my face and I had a horride feeling in my stomach like when some thing bad is about to happen. Had a good cry pulled myself together and went to do Mums shopping, sat with her for a while and then called at my friends house before I went home and I poured my heart out to her about worrying about Mum the smoking what I was going to do about my brother and how everything just looks so black. Got home and got tea on and was fine until about 8 when tears just started running down my face again, Mark went to bed at 10 but was worried about leaving me like that, I told him I was fine just being silly but I am sat here with that horride feeling in my stomach again.

Please Help :confused:

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Hi trendy, you seem to have a lot on your plate just now, im so sorry you feeling weepy, when we go through bad/hard times everything feels too much. You are doing fantastic at your quit, you are stronger than you think, so many people dont even try when things are tough.

I know what you mean about the feeling in your stomach and whenevr i get that feeling it is hard to focus but what i try to do is, sit down quiet on my own, once ive cried as much as i can i take a deep breath and then i write down what is making me feel the way i do, i can end up with a list of lots of differant things making me feel upset, angry, scared, i then work through this list and try to find a solution to each thing ive wrote down, if i cant change the things that are making me feel bad just the action of writing things down and looking at it can help to make things feel a little easier to cope with.

Sorry for going on a bit here, i just thought maybe might help a little, a big hug is sent for you and take care, x



Thanks Tracy, I will try writing it down sometimes it is hard to see what is really bothering you.

Thanks again x


Hi Mel :D

Sorry you're having a bad rime at the moment, but you have a lot on your plate at the moment, with everything that's going on around you, as Tracy say's you're doing great with your quit Just hang in there

Do as Tracy suggests and write it down it may help you find the answers or at least it will make you feel better

And don't worry about being weepy at times A good cry can really help as well


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Mel, hope you feeling a little better this morning, each day when you wake up take a few minutes just for you, and remind yourself how fantastic you have done at staying smoke free, and choose to not smoke just for today, be proud of what you have acheived and smile to yourself.

take care, x



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