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Day 10, struggling with mood again

Well I'm at day 10, and too be honest I'm struggling a bit. The main factor here is the low mood. It's rather bizarre, as the first week and a bit went really smoothly. I'm determined not to let this get the better of me, but it is quite tough at the moment.

I saw an nhs quit smoking counsellor earlier and blew 0 on the CO monitor again, and she prescribed some gum on top of the patches, to help stave these cravings away a bit.

I don't understand, I've been feeling great so far :confused:

Maybe doing some more de-cluttering (I've been doing that quite a bit recently) in my flat will cheer me up.

It's not just my mood, my brain seems to have switched off, I feel really dopey and not on the ball at all. Maybe I should make myself a coffee.

Paul. x

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Hang in there Paul.

The mood sorts itself out, but you have stopped pumping your body with drugs so it does throw your system out of whack for a bit.




Hey Paul

Firstly I would like to say a massive well done on reaching day 10.

I think the mood swings are for most a common part of beating this horrible addiction but stay with it mate, never doubt your decision to quit.

I have noticed over the last couple of days that I have been a bit short fused with my wife but I know that's because I've kicked the habit and it will pass.

Focus on the end goal and try not to lose sight of the light at the end of the smoke hazed tunnel.

Stay with it mate and good luck.


Hi Paul,

There will be tough times now and then, confusions and quandries. If it was a positive feeling the whole way through from start to finish then there'd be no need for a place like this forum - we'd have all had the problem licked ages ago :D

Keep strong through the difficult patches and the sunny days will come again. You've done so well getting to 10 days. Feel good about that. :D



Hi Paul :)

I'm sorry to here that you're struggling on day 10, but just hang in there

You have to give you system time to adjust to you not feeding it a diet of chemicals,but adjust it will

The mood swings and feeling a bit dopey is all normal for us

Go declutter as you say it may help to keep occupied

Hope you feel better tomorrow


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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