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Day nine, let's choose a rhyme! - Hi Caroline!!!

Well I'm on day 9, I just got back from work, feel pretty good. Little pointy cravings are happening on and off, which is a trifle annoying, but hey, it's par for the course I guess.

I just bought a cool Ibiza chillout album off itunes, sounds wickwack. I have 1.5 gb of chillout now lol. I found it really helps to listen to chilled stuff, so as to keep the pulse/bp etc down at a low level. I made the mistake of listening to the prodigy a couple of days ago - funny how the little things influence the way you feel.

I'm proud of all my quitbuddys, J, Lee, Caroline and all the rest, keep it up folks.

Time for some qigong in a bit, get that chi flowing.


P. x

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Hi Paul :D

You're doing great and sound like you're on cloud nine


Marg xxxxxx


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