50 Days today

BIG 50 TODAY :eek:

And I'm not talking about my birthday. :D

50 days and still not smoking.

I've racked up a few extra pounds during the last weeks, I'm about a stone and half over weight for my height. Maybe I'm just under tall. Despite being a bit heavier and rounder in the middle I feel great. Breathing better, not coughing in the morning, not getting out of breath so much during excerise and recovering quicker after.

Life is great without the fags :D

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  • Hi Maverick,

    CONGRATULATIONS on 50 days smoke-free, a fantastic milestone. Well done.:D


  • Well done you 50 days, I wish you many more.


  • Hi Maverick :D

    WOW 50 days is wonderful well done you



    Marg xxxxx

  • Well done Maverick Mate thats really fab. 50 days good for you.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • welldone maverick, 50 days is a great milestone, keep smiling,


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