Day 8, feeling elate (-d), CJM my quit mate ;)

Well I finally graduated to week 2 (not like last time :mad:), yeeehaaaa counting in weeks not days! I am having a few cravings here and there, more than I got in the first few days (believe it or not). I'm coping though. This is it, no WAY I am quitting again, that's a promise I made to myself.

One thing I'm really happy about is that I'm able to read; usually I find I can't concentrate whilst on a quit, but I am reading through chapter after chapter of books (Zen Buddhism ;)). My QiGong is helping (like yoga), and I feel that my body is clearing itself of all the nasty gunk.

Well it's a bank holiday, so I'm doing some socializing and a bit of reading. I start a distance learning course soon too, a Philosophy BA with London Uni. Can't wait :D

Keep it up all the MMQs and ApSs.

Love P .x

P.S. CJM: In title, as promised ;)

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  • Hi Paul :D

    You've made it to week 2 that's great well done you

    I'm sp pleased it's all going well for you this time

    Good Luck with your Uni Course


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Paul,

    Really well done to you. And yes, getting past the first seven days and counting in weeks, really does sound good and helps the confidence.

    Into double figures soon.:D

  • good to see(read??) you sounding so positive! Well done!

  • Day 10 now bit late replying.

    Well done both Paul And Caroline.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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