No Smoking Day
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Day 8, feeling elate (-d), CJM my quit mate ;)

Well I finally graduated to week 2 (not like last time :mad:), yeeehaaaa counting in weeks not days! I am having a few cravings here and there, more than I got in the first few days (believe it or not). I'm coping though. This is it, no WAY I am quitting again, that's a promise I made to myself.

One thing I'm really happy about is that I'm able to read; usually I find I can't concentrate whilst on a quit, but I am reading through chapter after chapter of books (Zen Buddhism ;)). My QiGong is helping (like yoga), and I feel that my body is clearing itself of all the nasty gunk.

Well it's a bank holiday, so I'm doing some socializing and a bit of reading. I start a distance learning course soon too, a Philosophy BA with London Uni. Can't wait :D

Keep it up all the MMQs and ApSs.

Love P .x

P.S. CJM: In title, as promised ;)

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Hi Paul :D

You've made it to week 2 that's great well done you

I'm sp pleased it's all going well for you this time

Good Luck with your Uni Course


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Paul,

Really well done to you. And yes, getting past the first seven days and counting in weeks, really does sound good and helps the confidence.

Into double figures soon.:D


good to see(read??) you sounding so positive! Well done!


Day 10 now bit late replying.

Well done both Paul And Caroline.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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