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13 Days :)

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all well! Just a quick post as I am so excited I have reached 13 days and I had two nights out this weekend - with alcohol and I didnt even want a cigarette am so happy! It is such a good feeling and I hope I can continue this way.

Exercise and no alcohol for the first 10 days really helped me and I am still doing a lot of exercise to keep my mind going and eating healthily too. I am always going to continue with not drinking as much alcohol as I think this is a healthier approach for the mind anyways - with or without cigs :)

Aces - did you make it through your nights out without smoking?


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Hi MJ :D

Well dome you that's great

2 nights out with alcohol and not even waning a fag Big Hug


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done MaryJane. Wow you're strong, having a drink on your quit. Thumbs up to you.

Keep it up,

Love P. x


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