Day six, don't need a fix!

Hi folks,

Day 6 here, not many cravings today. It's getting a lot easier now, I feel more like a non-smoker :).

I went out last night, without a smoke or a drink :cool:. I went ok, I was surprised.

Done all my chores today, the washing, vacuuming, shopping. Feel good now I've got it all done.

Keep it up J, C, Lee, Lottie and all the other quitters.

2 Replies

  • Hi Paul :D

    Well done you out last night and no drink or fags that's great Big Hug

    I'm so glad you're finding it easier now


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • whooo hoooo.........

    Well done Raddleman, DAY 6............ you are on a roll this time, I just know it. I've been in the garden all day today, absolutely pooped now, and got to get up at 4am tomorrow to get through a 12 hr shift......bummer.

    Love ya Raddleman. x :D

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