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Good morning all

Hi there folks

How are we this morning? Hope your all well.

Well I tried having a couple of beers last night to see how I got on with the craves and I was OK. I had a few stronger craves than the previous days but nothing I couldn't deal with.

I have had a couple of craves this morning though again nothing I can't deal with. Just keep reminding myself that I have made the right choice and I am now a non-smoker:D

On the health side of things I was playing 5 a side football last night and I could not believe how quickly my breathing recovered after the game.

I would normally take 5-10 mins to get back to normal but last night I was OK after a minuter or so.

OK that's me ranted enough so have a great smoke free day and remember you made the right choice in claiming your life back and never doubt you decision to quit:D

PS Ace there is a seat here for you mate.

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good morning bob ..glad you resisted the temptation ...;) hope you have a great day :D


Hi Bob :D

Good Morning to you

Well done on a couple of beers and craves but not giving in and again this morning well done you Big Hug

You're already feeling the benefits as well with your football that's great

As for the rant it was a very mild one


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Bob

Morning to you too. Well done on going out and staying smoke free. its grat when we feel the benifits we know we have done the right thing by quitting.xxxxx


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