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No Smoking Day
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Feeling good

I don't know what's different this time but I feel good. I woke this morning and the first thing I thought was "Yes, I've done it. I'm a non smoker" Then I felt a bit silly for thinking that 'cos I've stumbled so many times in the past. The difference this time is that I'm not obsessing about it, not thinking about it all day and when I get a call from the nico demon reminding me that now would be a good time to smoke I'm finding that I can turn it off.

Hope I'm not being too previous with the positive thoughts cos they say that pride comes before a fall but I honestly feel different. I havn't had any gum this time either and I'm enjoying the buzzy head feeling because I know it's a good thing.

Hope everyone is ok and feeling strong.


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Hi Hopeful :D

What a great post this is as you say you're not obsessing about it and that will make a huge difference for you, and no it wasn't a silly thought to wake up with in fact it was a very good thought and shows how your mind set has changed

Yes you've stumbled a few times [most of us do] but this time you can as you say turn the demon off when he starts his games well done you

I don't think you're previous with those positive thoughts at all, you feel different and you're not even using gum, so that's great, even enjoying the buzzy head because you know it's good


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Good on you Hopeful, I think you should rename yourself to "Definite" like your mood today, and yes you are a non-smoker the minute you put out that last fag.

Well done.

Jackie x


Hi Hopeful, congratulations you now almost on day 4! well done!, you sound very positive and in the right frame of mind, i think we all obsess about quitting at first, but you are a non smoker now, from the last time you put a cig out your new life began!

well done again and keep smiling,

tracy21 x


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