Just got to


I'ma 2 monther now yee haaaa

Not gonna be around this weekend though.. off to Peterborough to the truck show be back monday night then away to work on tuesday morn.....

gonna be a challenge this weekend... lads together... camping ...beer..... camping more beer ....more beer

But I can do it ...oh ... I am going to do it :cool:

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  • Hi Greg :D

    So you're now a 2 monther that's wonderful well done you Big Hug

    Enjoy your weekend with camping, beer, more beer and NO FAGS :D :D

    Yes you are going to do it


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Enjoy your weekend Greg and well done on the 2 month mark.

  • You can do it :D Have fun!!!

  • I did it !!!!

    Even got one of the smokers to leave his fags in the tent whilst we went out at night !!! He coped.... food for thought !!!:D

  • Well Done you :D:D

    I find it easy now to drink and not smoke. I also find that my hang overs are far less the day after. I always suffer from hangover, even if I just have a couple :rolleyes: But it's better now getting up with just a head ache instead of...sore throat, crappy cough, yacky taste... dog breath and smelly hair and clothes .... oh the joys of being a smoker eh?? NOT lol

  • Well done Greg, you certainly did it!

    Be proud and keep smiling,


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