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20 Days


Hit day 20 today and it was was easier. Phew. Think I am nearly learning how to beat this thing. Hats off to all those who have achieved it.

The days definitely seem to be getting shorter and easier on average (there are exceptions), though I now know that I need to be very, very wary of new and unexpected triggers that haven't come up least not since I quit. These can be very dangerous. e.g. Its a fact that me being in the service industry means I sometimes get serioulsy abused by other people....but realised its best not to abuse myself by smoking to feel better (had a laugh about that yesterday) That was another trigger beat.

Anyway, started last week to do long bike rides with the kids around local streets and waterways. They just passed their cycling proficiency test and are up for exploring everywhere. Its Great. Perfect timing. Seriously, a couple of these trips stopped me going nuts ! Realise now that I have beeen a slob for too long. The fags stopped me being able to breath properly.

My best advice is jump on the bike if you cant get out of a mental loop. Works for me, and I'm happy to ride slowly for up to an hour. Its lovely, especially with better lungs and and at this time of year, when the flowers and countryside are great.

Good Luck


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Hi ghowie99,

from one howie to another..........aint it great to be a quitter, :D ha ha.

Gettin on yer bike, :cool: Any form of exercise when quitting smoking is great.

I have to agree, breathing is so much better, I'm 5 weeks quit on Sunday and I havn't used my asthma inhaler much in the last 4 weeks.

Your kids are gonna love you soooo much for being a NON SMOKER. Stick with us quitters, it's the best thing you will ever do. ;)

Lots o love J. x x x


Hi Guy :D

20 days is great well done I hope you're proud of yourself

Enjoy your bike rides I haven't been on a bike in years but do a lot of walking


Marg xxxxxx


Thanks for the support - 1 hour till 3 weeks done.:D:cool:


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