Some Tough Days

3 weeks 5 days and still counting:D:D

Cant wait until monday when i hit the 4 week milestone , had a cple of bad days recently tho yesterday being the worst i was virtually climbing the walls but im just as stubborn as the bloody addiction so i dug my heels in and had a walk to the shop for some XXX mints , it seemed to do the trick :p

Next Post will be in the 4 week section cos im not gonna let this beat me :D

2 Replies

  • Hi Fozz :D

    Well done on 2 days off 4 weeks that's great

    I'm so sorry you've had some really rough days but well done for digging your heels in

    Once you get this week over it will be much easier for you, lots of us find the 3rd week very tough just hang in there


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Fozz

    Well done on your 3 weeks and 5 days quit. There are a lot of sites listed on here where you can read about nicotine adddiction etc. You will find them at the end of people's signatures (dont know how to enter them or I would). The materials are excellent and give many ways to cope, the more you read and learn the easier it all is.

    Good luck


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