No Smoking Day
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Hello new roomies

Good morning all.

Do you mind if I hang around this room with you guys for the next 7 days:D

Totally delighted to be moving into the week 2 room and I'm still feeling very positive on my quit. Defiantly made the right decision to quit the deadly weed.

Couple of things I noticed I was missing last night though. I was missing the horrible smell that used to linger on my hands. I used to wash them every time I had a ciggy but still the smell remained.

I also used to sit as far away from the rest of the family as I could after a ciggy because I knew I smelt awful (I couldn't smell it).

I was also missing the feeling of panic every night at bedtime of thinking 'did I put that last ciggy out properly?, is the house going to catch fire?'

It sometimes got that bad that I would go back down stairs and pour a little water in the bin just in case.

Now as you may have gathered I am delighted that I am now missing these issues and so are the rest of my family.

Hope everyone has a great smoke free day:D


PS Lee (Ace_Wisdom) is great in here buddy and I've kept you a seat. See you in here tomorrow.

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Hi Bob :D

So you've moved in OK then :D

I'm sure your family is as delighted with the new you as you are yourself

You no longer smell of stale smoke and isn't that a wonderful feeling to have

Enjoy your new lodgings because you won't be there for long and you'll be on the move again


Marg xxxxxxxx


Good morning Marg *Big Hugs*

How are you this morning. Your right, all the household are well pleased with the new me:D

Still unpacking at the moment but I only brought enough stuff for 7 days:D:D

Have a good smoke free day.



Hi Bob :D

Good morning to you as well

Hugs really apreciated thankyou heres one for you

I'm fine thankyou, glad the family like the new you

It's good you didn't pack a lot for your move HA HA


Marg xxxxxxx


Morning Bobross,

Well done, your doing great:)

I also do not miss the paranoid feeling I got when in bed at night wondering if I put that last cig out properly, the amount of times I'd just gotten comfy and had to get up again to make 100% sure it was out! What a bother!

Keep up the good work!

Lottie -x-



Well done bobross your doin great. Glad its nice in there and im looking forward to moving in buddy. I used to check at night to see if i put my last cigarette out properly as well.Thought that was just something i did.

See you tomorrow



well done Bob

Hi Bob week 2 doesnt time fly well done :). I was looking at a post in general (i think) yesterday asking what you liked about quitting and havent stopped thinking of things I like since keep coming up with new ones. You putting about double checking the last cig has added yet another to my list I forgot I used to do that to lol.

Hugs X


Hi Bob,

Well done on arriving in Week 2. Brilliant stuff:D. Keep strong and keep going.



Hey there Lottie, Trendy and Deke

Thanks for the words of encouragement, It means allot to know that I'm not doing this alone and the forum is here in times of either despair or delight.

As the BT advert says 'It's good to talk':D


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