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16 days....Tempted!

Hi all, I've got to 16 days ...not too many bad days :D ...BUT................

I lent my car to my son today.....he avoided hitting someone in the back driving in to a stone wall!!!:mad:

The good thing is that no one's hurt, the bad thing is that I've got mega cravings again.

I know smoking won't mend the car,but the craving has been really bad.

I'm stuffing my face with sweets, then I'm going to have a shower ( can't smoke in there!!) then an early night & hope things are easier tomorrow.

Feel a bit better now I've browsed this site!

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hi ytene,,well done on your quit,,and sorry about the car,glad no body was hurt, the craving dont last for to long ,you have to see them out ,glad you have done that ,so you just keep the faith and keep :D:D:D tony


Hi Alan, well done 16 days thats fantastic, but your car, well thats not good news but like you said at least no-one is hurt.

If smoking would fix your car and sort it all out for you then it might seem like a good idea, but we both know smoking wont make any of this better, (even though our minds will try everything to make us believe it will)

keep strong and once you get through tonight you will feel so proud and much stronger for not giving in, x

take care, x



Hi Alan :)

Sorry you're son broke your car, but at least no one was hurt and that's a blessing

I'm so sorry you have bad craves tonight, but as you say as you say smoking won't mend it

Well done for beating them back and I'm glad you feel better after coming on here

Well done on 16 days quit and I'm sure tomorrow will be better for you


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Tracy, Great to see that you are still going strong :D

I'm calming down a bit now!

Always telling him that he drives to fast...& he's always telling me that I drive too slow....I guess that arguement is settled now. :p

The craves have been bad, the first bad ones since the first day.....

I've nearly seen the day out & I know how annoyed I was the last time I gave in, so my thinking is still positive!

I hope tomorrow's a better day.

Thanks for the positive replies. :)



Thanks Marge & Tony,

The replies on this site really do help to keep us strong in our moments of weakness!! :D :D


you are wellcome ytene any time, tony


Morning Alan

Do hope your feeling better this morning. xxxxxxxxx


Hi Alan,

Hope today is better for you than yesterday was. But you got through without smoking, and that's just great.

No way is my son going to borrow my car any time soon!!



Hi alan, hope you have had a better day today, your son will have to own up now and admit that dads know best (and are better drivers), well done for staying strong,



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