No Smoking Day
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1 whole month

Hi everyone,

I haven't really been able to get on much the past couple of days, been so busy!

Just want to say that I have completed my first calender month! I am sooo proud of myself and it seems to have gone by quite quickly.

Rarely having any sort of crave now, only the odd one usually when I'm stressed but that passes within miniutes.

These are a "few" reasons why I will not pick up a cig again....

Have loads more energy, don't stink like an ashtray anymore, when I wash my hair in the morning can still smell the shampoo that night, teeth feel cleaner, "smoking hand" fingernail is not yellow anymore, can run up the stairs at work without it hurting my chest, actually feel closer to my (non smoking) boyfriend as I don't worry whether I stink of smoke when kissing him now:o and my friends and family keep giving me a boost everytime they tell me how proud they are of me!

Looking forward to counting in months

Hope everyone else is doing great, especially the MMQs!

Lottie -x-

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Well done you!

Its great to be counting in months!


:DHi lottie,

It's great being into the second month isn't it. Keep strong and keep it going.

Liked your list of positives since you quit, and I can empathise with most of them (the exceptions should be pretty obvious, really!:D)



Hi Lottie :D

That's great 1 whole month well done, you have every right to be proud of yourself as have your family and B F

Also you have hardly any craves now either

And already feel the benefits of your quit Big Hug for you


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hello Lottie,

Well done on 1 month done;)

Looking forward to counting in months

You are already counting in months, fantastic aint it:D



Hi Lottie,

well done, it must feel great to be counting in months. ;)


Thanks for the great replies everyone.

I'm sitting at my desk at work with a big silly grin on my face now:D

A friend of mine popped into my workplace yesterday to say hello and as we were chatting she said "shall we pop outside for a fag?" To reply with "I don't smoke anymore" felt great.

Well my day has started off really well so heres hoping it stays that way!

Lottie -x-


WELL DONE LOTTIE,I'm a calender month today aswell :). Doesn't it feel great to be a NON SMOKER, hee hee. ;)

Love J. x x x


Well done Lottie, nice reading your post you sound so happy, I wish you many more free months.



Well done lottie hun

One whole month the time will go much faster now.

Great list keep up the fab work.xxxxxxxxxxxx


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