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I Made it!!!

Well, I second what Laura says; it is amazing and jaw dropping to have made it to the six month quit line......and even though I have the odd "urge" it is so easy to let go and forget about smoking!

I went through the six month barrier on Saturday and felt smug and proud.

Sadly, I have become quite intolerant of other smokers and find the smell disgusting now. I have become quite snobby about it and when my neighbour stands on the back garden to smoke and it drifts into MY HOUSE(!!)

I get quite annoyed because of the smell and close the door until she has put it out.

Smoking (when you look at it) makes absolutely no sense at all to a non smoker. It only makes sense to smoke if you are addicted. It seems kind of common sense but this point has only just been grasped by me.

Thinking about my neighbour and watching her stand outside this morning in the rain I thought about what she was actually doing, I mean actually.......nothing really......just standing in the rain in a dressing gown and wasting time and getting really wet.....whilst sucking on a poisonous device - which she will have to do again in an hour and every hour. What a waste of precious time. What is the purpose of smoking if you don't smoke? There isn't one.

I think I have got it!!!!;)

How wonderful it is to be free isn't it? Thank goodness I don't smoke, what a relief!

It is amazing what it can do for your self confidence and self esteem as well when you stop lying to yourself and stop saying "I will quit smoking when I am happier/thinner/have less stress/after Xmas/when I get to 30/after the holiday/when I can't breathe anymore/when hell freezes over.......

Well done everyone! We made it to Six Months - roll on One Year!

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Well done you,

I know what you mean about tolerance!!

My neighbour is exactly the same, stands outside and puffs away. There is an air vent and the smoke seems to find its way through sometimes :eek:

I agree, it looks like you've got it sussed ;)

All the best



Well done hunnie

6 months congrats your right i hate the smell. Dont think it was that bad when I smoked HEHe. Some times i wonder do it smell has bad to people who have never smoked. xxxxx


Congratulations, Lisa - 6 months is very special and you richly deserve it.


Hi Lisa :D

6 months quit Wonderful well done you I hope you're suitably proud of yourself



Marg xxxxxxx


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